• Music


We believe that Music education is an important and rewarding subject for all children and the benefits ripple across and impact positively upon all subjects.

Many studies have shown that music education not only instils discipline, but is fundamental to creative growth, and unites children in projects, developing an individual as well as team work ethic.

Our curriculum has developed to not only involve traditional genres and classical artists, but more modern music too, ensuring maximum engagement. Foundation play games, and begin looking at real notation to give them a head start in to Key Stage 1. By the time children are in Key Stage 2 there is in depth in knowledge that they can really build upon.

The extra-curricular activities have gone from strength to strength over the last few years, with now over 80 children taking part weekly. The violins come together and play at various concerts throughout the year, in and outside of school. With consistency and diligence, they’ve really stepped up, with some violinists taking on the Cello to add real depth to their amazing performances.

The Choir have greatly increased not just in number, but also quality. During their performances over Christmas, the feedback and praise has been incredible. The Choir perform throughout the year at Charlton House, the Greenwich Choir Competition, and for Young Voices at the 02 Arena in Royal Greenwich.

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