English – KS1


At Charlton Manor Primary School, we strive to ensure that all our pupils receive a well-rounded English curriculum through reading, writing and speaking and listening. By modelling high standards of language and vocabulary and exposing the children to a wide range of relevant, high quality texts, we equip them with a strong command of the spoken and written word which allows them to develop their love of literature and non-fiction texts through widespread exposure to a variety of texts and books.

By the end of KS1, children will be able to read a broad range of age-appropriate texts, both in class and for pleasure, across a variety of genres and subject areas. They should be able to read them accurately and with a level of decoding and fluency which allows them to focus on understanding what they read. They will be able to decode most new words outside their spoken vocabulary, making a good approximation of the word’s pronunciation.

During their time at Charlton Manor, children will become imaginative, creative and effective writers who can write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting language and style across a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. The children are exposed to a range of high quality model texts in different genres that allows them to develop their writing skills. These writing tools are built upon each year to allow the children to develop their understanding of effective writing across a range of genres, within both fiction and non-fiction. By the end of KS1, children should be able to write down their ideas with a reasonable degree of accuracy and with good sentence punctuation. They should be aware of how to orally rehearse a sentence before writing it down and to write for a range of purposes, including narratives, real events and poetry.

Pupil Voice

'I like writing about The Great Fire of London and writing about fairy-tales. My favourite was Little Red Riding Hood because it has the wolf which has sharp scary teeth.'

'My favourite part of Year 2 was learning about Nepal and writing a travel brochure.'

‘I like learning about the Queen’s knickers was fun because we could read it to parents.’

‘We loved making our own comic books with amazing superheroes like super potatoes.’

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