Design & Technology


At Charlton Manor we provide a Design Technology curriculum, which encourages children to become creative problem solvers, individually and as part of a team. Through a range of DT projects, children are able to combine their practical skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, to design and make products, which solve a given problem. In addition, they are able to evaluate and develop a greater awareness and understanding of how everyday products are designed and made.

Pupil Voice

'I liked attaching the doweling to my kite, as it made it look like a real kite.'

'I really enjoyed making Ugg’s trousers. I was able to practice my sewing skills.'

‘I liked adding the buttons to my design. It was the first time I have sewn so I really enjoyed it.’

‘I really like weaving and making the loom. I am going to use my loom to weave at home.”’

‘Before this project, I had never woven before, I have really enjoyed making my wall hanging. I am very happy with what I have made’

‘It was fun and taught me a lot about shaping and joining materials to create a product.’

‘Making the Trojan horse was like creating a customized Lego set.’

‘I enjoyed designing my own version of a shelter as well as using saws.’

‘I liked designing the shelters and making a product which matched my design.’

Learning in Action

DT Collage

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