Sensory Room

av award smallOn the 25th of September, Charlton Manor won the National AV awards for Educational project of the year. This is with regards to our Immersive Interactive Room. Check it out here.


Here at Charlton Manor, we firmly believe in technologies that will not only inspire, but engage our children in whatever activities they are taking part in.  As a result we have always searched for the latest in terms of technological developments and try to incorporate the technologies in our curriculum.  We have heard about the sensory rooms being built by Osborne Technologies and decided to investigate further. 

We decided to have this room built as we feel it is imperative that children can relate to what they are being taught.  A lot of teaching in our school is done outside of the traditional classroom environment (e.g. we have a teaching kitchen in our school).  Over the years we have found that with the use of new technologies, we can engage the children and make learning fun.  That way everyone is focussed at the task assigned and we have also seen a massive improvement in behaviour, as the children are fully engaged and do not get bored with the subject being taught.  After all, what better way to teach about the Blitz when you are in a room with all of the following happening:

  • A surround screen watching a video of bombs being dropped
  • Sensing the explosions in the form of under floor vibration
  • Smell of fireworks
  • Temperature control of the room
  • Wind turbines
  • Smoke from a built in smoke machine

The room we feel is an added bonus to the wealth of technologies we use here at Charlton Manor.  It will prove to be a fantastic teaching tool and will give our children an insight  into historical events but also helps them cross boundaries and immerse them in environments which would normally not be possible in the traditional classroom setup.

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