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Teaching Kitchen

This term in the teaching kitchen has been an exciting one! The teachers have been approaching us with ever more and more elaborate and challenging ideas to bring their subjects to life through food. 

Here are some of our cooking highlights:

In September, Year 3, were reading the works of the famous Roald Dahl.  Each week we cooked a different 'Revolting Recipe' inspired by the foods featured in his books.  Mr Baker was then the lucky recipient of these dishes and experienced some rather interesting side effects!

Year 5 were reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which led them to the idea of designing and making their very own gourmet chocolate truffles.  This involved them working in the kitchen exploring different kinds of chocolate and flavour combinations and culminated in making their very own chocolate from the cocoa bean, with the children seeing all the processes involved.

Inspired by the The Secret Garden, Year 6 staged their very own 'Great British Bake Off'.  Their challenge was to design and bake a 2 tier garden themed cake to impress the judges.  There were 10 very unique designs which led to some imaginative uses of fondant icing!

Year 3 were also studying the Stone Age and the hunter-gatherer diet.  To replicate this, both classes were sent to the garden to forage for whatever they thought might be edible.  We then returned to the class and sorted through the spoils too, cooking whatever was good to eat.  This included herbs, various types of cabbage, edible flowers and potatoes.  Once lucky tribe even managed to find pumpkin!

6 top chefs from Year 5 had the opportunity to develop their own healthy balanced dish as part of the Sainsbury's Superstar Cooks competition.  Their challenge was to create their own recipe using a variety of ingredients from different food groups and then cook it from start to finish within an hour! 6 gourmet dishes were then submitted to the judges and , if successful their creations will be entered into the final cook off with the chance to win prizes for themselves and the school.


On Friday 15th February 2013 children here at Charlton Manor were inspired by TV Chef Raymond Blanc when he came along to open our new teaching kitchen.  Raymond was honouring a promise he made to Mr Baker to open our kitchen which was built after pleas from our children who wanted more facilities to help them prepare better and healthier food.

Raymond was given a tour of the school before he declared the kitchen open and gave our children a master class.  Using ingredients he had brought along himself, he showed pupils how to whisk egg whites and mix them with chocolate, and taught them how to make a perfect omelette.
Raymond is very passionate about his food and about children learning to cook so he was more than happy to come along and open the kitchen.  The new kitchen is a result of the children’s enthusiasm for growing vegetables in our secret garden and learning about where food comes from.  Cooking, healthy eating and making healthy choices are a part of the curriculum, but the children only had one cooker to use and that was in the staff room.  They said they wanted a better kitchen so we converted one of the existing rooms so it now has five stoves and hobs and lots of workshops.  The children were given the opportunity to interview Raymond themselves and had a fabulous day.

We have also adopted our own Chef Stefano Borella who had been coming in to cook with the staff and children.  Our new kitchen is supported by our award winning garden where the children grow fruit and vegetables and where we also keep bees and chickens.

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