Reading and Phonics


At Charlton Manor, we follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme in EYFS and Key Stage 1. Children in Reception have weekly phonics lessons through Play Phonics, while children in both Reception and Year 1 have discreet phonics lessons daily. Lessons are taught in a fun, engaging and multi-sensory way, and phonics skills are regularly practised and applied in all lessons. Children in Nursery follow Phase 1 phonics, but are also introduced to a phase 2 letter once every week.


Throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, children’s reading progression is assessed using a coloured banding system, moving from Pink (Phase 2 phonics) up through Turquoise (Phase 5/6 phonics) and finishing with Lime. Beyond this, children are considered to be ‘free readers.’ Those who continue to struggle with reading into Key Stage 2 have targeted intervention.

From Year 2 to Year 6, classes have a weekly guided reading session which uses a high quality text – be it poetry, non-fiction or fiction – to teach key reading skills, grammar in context and improve vocabulary and writing. Guided reading is also encouraged in all subjects, including English, Maths & Science across all foundation subjects.

We have a Library and every classroom has its own book corner, allowing children to select books that they enjoy and can read at home with their parents and carers. Children are expected to read at home daily, whether that’s independently or with an adult. Teachers help children to select books and ensure children are choosing texts which are at an appropriate level.

At the end of every day, class teachers read a quality text to their class for 15 minutes during story time. The texts are challenging and are another opportunity for elements of guided reading, although the primary focus is on enjoyment and reading for pleasure. Every Friday, teachers swap classes during story time so that children have an opportunity to listen to a wide range of teachers and readers.

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