Rainbow Creche

Rainbow creche started in July 2010, and runs for 2 hours a day for children aged two years and above.

The creche allows the children an early start at developing their emotional, intellectual, gross and fine motor skills, building up the children’s communication skills and helping them to be competent learners. The children are able to build a positive relationship ie understanding feelings, friendship and learning together.

The learning environment (outdoor and indoor) of the school enables us to support the childrens needs in planning activities, assessing and helping with the children’s transition and continuity.

Rainbow Creche have settled over 22 children since it started. The sessions run for two hours with a clearly displayed routine for the creche which involves, settling in of all children, indoor play/ creative play ie painting, construction, cutting play dough, Lego, small world etc. outdoor play which involves football, hola hoops and also a visit to the nursery to get the children used to the nursery and the school environment.

The routine also involves carpet time ie rhyme time/fruit time/story time where all the children sing nursery rhymes with the help of flash cards to help children identify the different animals and songs. A bowl of five different fruits is passed around to the children and they learn to take turns and learn to share.

Story time is quite interesting as the children get to paticipate in the pictures and the characters and also get to say their version or what they think about the story.

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