av award smallOn the 25th of September, Charlton Manor won the National AV awards for Educational project of the year. This is with regards to our Immersive Interactive Room. Check it out here.

We are living in a constantly evolving digital world. ICT has an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives - from working to socialising, learning to playing. The digital age has transformed the way young people are an online population and access it through a variety of means such as computers, TV and other interactive gadgets.  As technology becomes more and more embedded in our culture, we at Charlton Manor strive to provide our learners with relevant and comtemporary experiences that allow them to successfully engage with technology and prepare them for life after school.

It is widely recognised that learners are motivated and purposefully engaged in the learning process when concepts and skills are underpinned with technology. Here at Charlton Manor we aim to provide resources for practitioners, parents and pupils to engage with these technologies in order to inform and enhance the learning experience.  

These resources include, but are not limited to : PC's, Laptops, Ipads, Ipod Touch, Voting Systems, Radio Broadcasting  station, Outdoor IP cameras, Interactive Projections, White Boards, etc...

Over the summer holidays we have upgraded our school network cabling system and have a state of the art CAT 6 cabling all over the school. We have also recently upgraded our KS2 Hall with a state of the art lighting rig which is used not only for a year six production and Nativity play,but constantly during lessons.  We have found that it helps give a sense of reality to certain scenarios. For example when year six needed to simulate a marsh land, we used a combination of dry ice machine to simulate fog and also used the lights to simulate the lighting conditions early in the morning.  The kids were found to be fully engaged in the lesson and they got more out of it as opposed to a teacher describing the scene to them standing at the front of the class.

Our Internet Broadcasting Radio station helps the children in terms of their reading, writing and interview skills. The radio station is used for a variety of things for example story telling, real life interviews with visitors to the school.

With the use of sound effects the childrens creativity comes to life and what sometimes can be considered a boring task in class suddenly takes on a different dimension. Once again another great engaging tool for our children to use and raise attainment.

Here at Charlton Manor we strive to get the children exposed to all sorts of emerging technologies. We firmly believe this is a must, as when they leave primary school they will be faced with all sorts of technical gadgets in secondary school and for some children this can be quite challenging.  Here we prepare them for the journey ahead and we are very confident that when they are ready for secondary school or indeed the big wide world outside, they will be prepared to deal with the new technological developments.

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