Pupil Voice

Charlton Manor Pupil Parliament

Our CMPS Pupil Parliament takes part in lots of activities including:

  • Listening to the views, ideas and concerns of other children
  • Bringing these concerns to Pupil Parliament meetings
  • Coming up with ideas to help improve the school and make decisions
  • Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally
  • Getting inspiration from the We Day annually conference
  • Supporting in the running of events such as The Great Get together
  • Supporting fundraising activities for charities

Each year the school council decide on which of the five ‘We’ pillars (education, water, health, food and opportunity) it chooses to support. This year, the school council have chosen water and so will be organising the ‘We Walk for Water’ in the Spring. In addition to this, our KS2 members will continue to meet regularly, have discussions with their class and keep pupils informed by feeding back every six weeks to them via in-class assembly.

In March, Year 6 school councillors will again be attending the 2020 ‘We Day’ Annual Conference at SSE Wembley. This event is also attended by Year 6 House Captains, Peer Supporters and this year, the top 2 Waiters from the Charlton Manor Restaurant. Pupil Parliament is currently in the process of forming links with one of our local Secondary Schools and look forward to feeding back once the relationship is established. As part of our learning about British Values, the School Council will be visiting the Houses of Parliament in London to discuss Democracy and the Rule of Law.

We have established a new Pupil Parliament who are already developing a presence in the school community, having raised £885 towards a new minibus in Term 1 alone. Pupil Parliament meet at least twice every half term to discuss issues relevant to the school community, informed by class “surgeries” to ensure all pupils’ voices are heard in a democratic way.

Meet the team

From years 1 to 6:
Aria, Ziva, Maya, Samuel, Genesis, Rosie, Kabir, Jack, Dion, Sueda, Alante and Hannah


Pupil Parliament Manifesto

“We promise to listen to everyone and talk about what is important to them. We want to help to make school a better place for everyone and to make and see people smile.”

Learning in Action

Pupil Parliament have been in the kitchen, baking brownies for their Christmas Fair stall.

PSHE Collage

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