School Council

The School Council at Charlton Manor enables pupils to develop as individuals who can make a positive contribution to the school community. Pupil councils give the children at Charlton Manor the opportunity to experience active citizenship for themselves, opening their minds to the roles they can play in the wider community.

Our School Council, which meets regularly, is made up of democratically elected pupils from each class. The School Council enables different classes to become aware of each other's problems. It discusses issues and ideas that need to be addressed at a whole school level. The elected pupils represent the views of their own class at the School Council meeting and then report back to their class on the outcome.

Green Council

The Green Council is the pupil led group concerned with improving our environment. Each class elects a member to represent them at the Green Council meetings. Green Council consider ways of improving the school and our local area. Green Council have recently started a whole school recycling scheme to encourage more recycling and sustainability. Mr. Turner-Wing and Mr. Smith meet with the Green Council regularly and discuss and implement ideas to make Charlton Manor a truly green school!

Green Council successfully bid for funding to install solar panels on the school roof, launched a whole school recycling project and highlighted the problem of litter in the local area with an awareness campaign. The Green Council have also met the Mayor of Royal Greenwich and had a visit from the Rt Hon Lord Jim Knight of Weymouth as well as the Leader of Royal Greenwich Council.

Lunchtime Clubs

Many children have started running their own lunchtime clubs. This involves starting from scratch and identifying which equipment will be needed, deciding where and when it will be held and which age group the club would be suitable for. Once they have decided this they then type up the letters to send out to pupils. They then collect all the letters in and let the pupils know who has been successful in joining the club. The children who are running the club set up a timetable and a lesson plan to follow throughout the course of the club. The children run the club during their lunchtime and to date we have had an art club, hockey club, reading club, dance and drama and an acting club. One group have even held a club after school with a parent supervising. The children really enjoy doing this.

Nurture Group

Star Group is made up of up to eight Key Stage 1 children who meet four times each week to participate in a variety of activities aimed to build social skills and raise self-esteem. They work as a team to complete a range of activities including; art and model making, cookery, gardening, team challenges and many other group cohesion activities.

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