Scratch Club

Scratch is a graphical programming language. Children can drag and combine code blocks to make a range of programs, including animations, stories, musical instruments and games. It’s a bit like the programming equivalent of Lego!

Here are some of our pupils projects

old game of the future ) : ^ O by Josie
Instructions: You have to press left and right arrows to move the board at the bottom have fun!

Football by Dominik
Instructions: Press the up button at the same time where your mouse is good luck lets see if you can win?

Zavs Pong ball
Instructions: Control the paddle using the mouse. Try and get a new highscore.

Keep Slime Alive By Yuxuan

PEF 16 By Karan
Instructions: Yo so basicly for bayern munich u press up and down on da keyboard and for real madrid press w and s

My Pong Game By Daisy

logostrip h

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