In September 2011, Charlton Manor introduced ‘Houses’ in school. Each house represents the children’s P.E. colours. Children will be awarded house points in recognition of good behaviour, being helpful and polite to others, good work and sporting events. Each week the house points will be added together and the winning house will be announced in assembly. At the end of the school year, the house with the most points will be awarded a trophy.

The house names are as follows and they all have a connection with Charlton House.

Red – NEWTON House - Ms Snosek

Charlton House was built for Sir Adam Newton between 1607 and 1612. He was the tutor to Prince Henry (son of James 1). He died in 1629 and there is a large black and white marble monument to Sir Adam Newton and his wife Kathleen Puckering in St Luke’s Church. Charlton House was passed to his son, Sir Henry Newton.

Green – LANGHORNE House - Mr Hollywood

Sir William Langhorne purchased Charlton House in 1680. He was a wealthy East India merchant. He was deeply distressed he had no children and after his first wife died, although he was in his eighties, he took a second bride of just 17 years of age. He only lived for a further two months however, and his young bride did not conceive. He now roams around Charlton House as a ghost!!

Yellow – WILSON House - Mrs Steele

The Wilson family owned Charlton House between 1767 and 1923 and were responsible for enclosing the village green in front of the house. The final private owner was Sir Spencer Maryon Wilson. During the First World War the building was used as a hospital for officers. The house and grounds were purchased by the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich in 1925.

Blue – PERCEVAL House - Mr. Sinclair

Spencer Perceval spent his early childhood at Charlton House. He was buried at St Luke’s Church on the 16th May 1812 only a week after he had become the first Prime Minister in this country to be assassinated. Members of parliament urged his wife Janet to allow them to organise a state funeral at Westminster Abbey. However, Janet wanted him buried in Charlton in the family vault in St Luke’s Church. A memorial to Perceval was placed in Westminster Abbey.

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