In sharing and celebrating the beliefs and values of our richly diverse school community, we will strive to create an environment where each individual is valued and motivated to achieve their full potential, as a confident, happy and creative learner who is able to make a skilled contribution to our global society.

The pupils of Charlton Manor Primary School behave well to meet the high expectations of behaviour set. This policy will ensure consistency on the occasions when children's behaviour falls below expected standards.

At Charlton Manor we have adopted a positive system of rewards, clear sanctions and implement strategies for developing children's self-esteem that are linked to an agreed code of conduct.

To see the full Behaviour Policy click here.


Mr Turner-Wing is the member of the Senior Management Team responsible for whole school behaviour.

If you have concerns about the behaviour of your child or the behaviour of a child in their class please follow the procedure:

  • 1st instance – Talk to your child’s Class Teacher
  • 2nd instance – Ask to see Mr Turner Wing
  • 3rd instance – Ask to see Head/Deputy Head
  • 4th instance - If you feel you need to, you can write to the Chair of Governors (Mr Steve Fisher, c/o Charlton Manor Primary) or contact Governors Services: Carol Ladbrook on 0208 921 5631

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